Life Groups

Life Groups

Life Groups exist for us to connect, grow, and share together in a more relational community.
Connect through the fellowship and trust no less than bi-weekly.
Grow through Bible study, prayer, and accountability.
Share through mission together.

How Life Groups Work

Life Groups are more than just a bible study, they are how we keep "big church" small and intimate, they are how we make sure the body of Christ is cared for, they are where we create life-long friendships, they are a place where we can connect, grow and share with one another.

Life Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly depending on the group to grow together and create lasting relationships. As members arrive, they spend about thirty minutes catching up with one another and sharing light refreshments and snacks. The group then shares together in an interactive Bible Study discussion. The Bible study and discussion usually lasts approximately one hour and then the group shares prayer requests and closes by praying for one another. After the prayer time the group helps to clean up and the meeting ends.

Find the right fit for you

Find the right Life Group for you and your family to get connected.
Contact John Noonan for any additional information or questions you may have!
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