Sunday Experience Ministries

Connect Center

The Connect Center, located in the main lobby of SonRise, is the one-stop shop for visitors and members alike to find information about SonRise, get connected to ministries and serving opportunities, and sign up for classes and upcoming events.  
Time Commitment: 2x/month
Ministry Contacts: Terri Budd (

   Greeters & Ushers

Our greeters and ushers are outgoing folks who provide a Spirit-filled smile so that guests and members feel welcome when entering the house of the Lord. Greeters cheerfully welcome incoming guests and send off outgoing guests, while ushers direct guests to open seats.
See ministry contact for specific opportunities
Ministry Contact: Troy Butler –

Table Set-Up

Each week we provide bulletins, handouts, and pens on every table in our café-style Worship Warehouse. Servants are needed to resupply tables prior to each service.
Time Commitment: Arrive 25 minutes prior to service 
Ministry Contact: Jo Barnes –


The parking ministry exists to extend a welcoming, friendly, first ministry touch to guests while also providing a safe traffic and parking experience. Volunteers in this ministry can act as traffic directors, parking assistants, and shuttle drivers.
Ministry Contact: Mitchell Hoffman –

New to SonRise

The “New to SonRise” booth is set up in the lobby each Sunday to create a welcoming atmosphere while giving people who are new here a face and a resource to connect with in a Christ-like way.
Time Commitment: Once a Week / Arrive 25 minutes prior to service.
Ministry Contact: Terri Bradford – (410) 430-6875


Here at SonRise, we love our Sunday morning coffee and breakfast. And it wouldn’t be possible without the hospitality team, who provide warm service, free food, and hot coffee each Sunday. Team members are responsible for setting up, cleaning, and stocking food and beverages.
Time Commitment: Varies
Ministry Contact: Sandy Kerrigan (, Shellie Gronsbell (


SonRise receives donations of bread and other products from local vendors each week for SonRise members to bring home or bring to someone in need! Servants in this ministry are needed to pick up and transport the bread to church during the week and stock the bread cart at Sunday morning services.
Time Commitment: Varies
Ministry Contact:  John Weber (, Briana Lynch (


The Security Team seeks to provide a safe onsite environment for the community of SonRise.
Ministry Opportunity
To stand at stations and monitor areas to ensure that guests are not in off-limits areas 
Training: First responder training preferred 
Time Commitment: Monthly rotation / Arrive 25min prior to service
Ministry Contact: Richard Ramsey –