SRC Lifeline 12/07/23

SRC Lifeline 12/07/23


Senior Moments Luncheon
The Senior Moments ministry is having a luncheon Saturday Dec.9th at 11am in the church office building. If you would like to attend please register HERE! 

Meet and Greet Dec.10th
Are you new to SonRise? Join us for a time to meet our some of our Pastors, staff and ministry leaders here at SonRise!
  We will provide the food for your whole family, just come, relax, and get to know us! Please sign up HERE! 

Wrapping Party Dec. 16th
Get a sitter, grab your gifts & wrapping supplies, bring a friends & wrap! We know the story, it's Christmas Eve, you haven't had time to wrap. It's late, your tired, you're out of tape, everything is shaped weird, and you are already exhausted. So we thought, let's try something new! Let's have a wrapping party at Church! Have parents get a sitter, bring all their gifts & supplies, and bring along some friends. We'll have extra supplies we'll have people that are just there to help we'll have shopping carts we'll have Christmas music and food! Do you know someone who's overwhelmed by the idea of wrapping this year, we'll have a team ready to just take care of it all. Do you just need some extra hands, we've got those too. Do you just want to wrap anywhere but in the corner on the floor in your bedroom at 1am, then this is for you!
For more information and to register go HERE!

2024 New Years Eve Party
Bring in the New Years at SonRise! Games, activities for the kids, a cournhole tournament and more! Please register HERE!

Angel Tree 2023
Just a reminder that all Angel Tree gifts are due back THIS Sunday, Dec. 10th!

Smokin Hot Life Tour Feb. 2nd
Are you looking for the perfect Christmas Present? Look no further!
We’ll be hosting the SMOKIN' HOT LIFE TOUR, featuring comedians and viral sensations JARON MYERS & SHAMA MREMA on Feb.2nd!
Get ready for an evening filled with hilarious jokes, witty humor, and endless laughter! For more information and to get your tickets visit



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